Backwards Missionaries

IMG_4989Backwards Missionaries?!? What in the world does that mean?

Just what it says. We feel the Lord has called us to sell all we own and move to Costa Rica.

This is extremely random since we had never been there when we first received the call (although Adam has been there to get confirmation). Whether we have raised all the money we need or not, we’re going.

We are committing ourselves to four things:

1) Fighting social injustice
2) Serving the community
3) Raising up leaders
4) Making disciples

At the same time we strongly sense this will be “backwards” for two main reasons:

1) We sense this is going to be a season where we go, but we also learn. We go, but we will receive so much from the Lord.

2) We plan on regularly coming back to the States to offer training and hope to local churches… especially in the areas of seeing the family restored and leadership development.

Again, our heart is to deeply invest in the community of Sámara. We want to share the depths of God’s love and affections. We want to invest in the needy… and call out their destiny.