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It doesn’t have to make sense

Posted by avaughan on Nov 18, 2022

Life is a bit of mystery. Life with Jesus… Can be even more so. Accepting the invitation to FAITH… Practicing trust in the unseen… Can feel a bit like a maze. At first glance… Intrigue and adventure beckon…. The mystery of what lies ahead stirs curiosity and life. The journey welcomes us with… Hope lined paths… As we surge forward in expectation. Rich joys are interchanged among travel companions… Chapters intermix with others sojourning. History is written with every turn. Life overflows with mystery. Constant change presents Unforeseen obstacles… Directional shifts… Learning… Gains and losses… New opportunities and withered dreams… Successes and fumblings… New clarities and confusion. Just when comfortability motions to set in… Unexpected re-navigation steers unto the new and untraveled. Peace must be made with what no longer is… To make room for the bounty that has not yet fully come into view… We must never forget… The trails tell a story… And every good story includes beauty and ashes. We must fight against the spirit of offense when we cannot see or understand… Gratitude in the great unknown keeps the soil permeable to growth. Realizing the grandness of our paths reminds us of our scale… Whispering to ours souls… We were not designed to navigate on our own. We must have a guide. Mazes speak volumes regarding life. How we enter is not how we finish… Getting turned around and losing your footing can be frequent… Constant guidance from The Designer of the path is crucial… Patience, perseverance and grace are essential… We must constantly remind our feeling hearts… Our view is limited and it doesn’t...

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New Beginnings and an Awkward Tension

Posted by avaughan on Sep 2, 2022

Where to begin? At times I’ve been truly undone and overwhelmed by the Lord’s kindness.  I find myself thoroughly enjoying the joys and benefits of being in the US near family… In many ways, it feels like I’ve embarked on a new adventure with loved ones by my side… I’ve done all I know to do to prepare, to train, to have a wise plan… yet, I’m waiting for my train (which isn’t necessarily everyone else’s train). At the same time… I feel like I’m still somewhat stuck in between one season of my life and the other.  I’m trying not to look down… I want to get to the other side, but progress “seems” almost non-existent. Yet, in the current season, I delight in seeing my family enjoy the sweet gifts of being in East Tennessee. Relationships that have been cultivated and enjoyed for many years… Relationships that have sprung up recently out of our new soil… Relationships that have blossomed Into something far richer and beautiful than could have been imagined… Still, other times I battle discouragement from the dozens and dozens of rejections in my search for employment. I will admit that I have applied to quite a few that I am way underqualified to do, but I’ve also applied to some that I thought I was overqualified to do (even though my qualifications are limited to a pretty narrow field). I find myself feeling embarrassed by my inability to find a good job locally.  I hope this is the Lord’s way of protecting me from a poor decision.  Although I’m not sure of the Lord’s...

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Posted by avaughan on Jun 1, 2022

We have come full circle on our 7 years of completion. Transitioning back has been just that… Full of transitioning. Ending one season and entering into the new can be thrilling… But it can also remind you of the apparent voids and empty spaces. If allowed… Transitioning leads you to process what has been lost and left behind. The years that have passed in a blink… While reflecting on the learning and what is being gained… Grieving of what has been surrendered also leaves a mark. Beauty and pain are offered in every season. 3 months into this new journey… It feels like its own separate lifetime. We have delighted in the unexpecteds… Treasured reunions of the heart… Beholding spring again after 7 long years. I am not sure if you have gone a year without spring… But I don’t recommend it, if at all possible. This year spring felt especially holy. This spring has drawn out some of my purest worship. Spring has reminded me that when all looks dead and barren… When hope is tempted to lose it’s battle and believe beauty could never return… The seemingly impossible happens… Restoration blooms. I have been soulfully touched by all of spring. Perhaps it’s because… I am humbly realizing that in order be an ambassador of true hope… You have to fight for it yourself first. This season continues to be full of messy fighting for me personally. Opportunities to choose fear seem to lurk around every corner. As our two Smalls started a beautiful new school… They have been chronically and intensely sick. Trying to navigate the emotional...

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7 years?!? Updates and changes…

Posted by avaughan on Jan 29, 2022

Hello Loved Ones, blessings to you. Below are two videos.  The first one is a beautiful (but lengthy) story of the last 7 years.  We are sharing this as we sense a significant change of the seasons in our lives. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJr1VWA2XhM This second video is super short (less than two mintues), but it will answer the question, “What’s happening next?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzLeK2VNHPA We are so grateful for you.  We continue to cherish your prayers. Much...

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Vaughan Family Update – Authentic Version

Posted by avaughan on Oct 5, 2021

Hello Loved Ones! Blessings and love to you.  My beautiful bride is sharing a heart-felt update via video regarding our near future.  We ask for your prayers and suggestions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruCdFVzxCOo We love you, and we’re very thankful for you! Adam...

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Light In the Darkness

Posted by avaughan on Jun 22, 2021

John 1:5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. Everyday life is filled with opportunities for darkness. Now more than ever is the time to arise and shine… For the darker the darkness the greater the hunger for TRUE light. But how do we really function this out when fatigue feels louder than the faith we possess? How do we live in the present and keep our eyes locked on hopes unseen? We may not have control over our comfort or circumstances… But what we do have are choices. We can… Put our hearts on hold as we await the currents to change… Or we can choose the tough decision to wade our way through them.   Most often, I feel that God is only asking that we do the next right thing. To choose the next right choice. So many moments I sense an unraveling around me… I can literally feel the quaking. What do I do as all spins out of control… As life feels chaotic and uncertain? I often think… How did she become the adult in charge of important decision-making? Daily, I am tempted to wrestle with the voices in my head telling me… I fall short and that I am missing my mark. I so want to honor all that I have been designed for. But truthfully… there are moments when just breathing feels taxing. It’s in these moments, I am deeply reminded… He places His light in The Body… In us… In our brothers and sisters… To sojourn arm in arm… Offering nearness in the journey…. Nudging...

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