Buenas from Costa Rica!

I (Kelly) wanted to take a quick moment and update you on an awakening that has occurred over the past couple of weeks.

Many of you know we have been patiently awaiting for God to reveal what our “big picture purpose” is here in Central America.  We have known parts of it, but nothing near its entirety.  We know our main mission has been and will always be to carry the Love of Christ no matter where we are… bringing His restoration no matter where The Lord leads.
IMG_0806But there has been an unrest in our spirits.
We have been asking, “Lord, what is your heart, what are your dreams for us, and for the people in Costa Rica?”

After a year of intentional prayer, He kept reminding us that the first leg of our journey needed to be filled with adjusting and learning..
He gave us three missions…
Learn the culture…
Learn the language…
And learn the food…
Those were the three instructions we knew for sure… that, and the LOADS of transitions and paperwork.

A few weeks ago as I was walking the streets and talking with God, I asked Him…
“Why didn’t you reveal your plan for us sooner?”  His response was swift and very direct…
I heard Him say, “Because I wanted my people in Costa Rica to be loved as I love them… not as a project.”
This really hit home, and knowing my tendencies, I received with thankfulness.

That being said, we are quite certain that The Holy Spirit has begun to uncover one of the many reasons He has brought our family here.

Teen pregnancies, prostitution, children sold into sex slavery, along with  a culture of promiscuity…
This is what we believe we were sent for, and it’s ripping our hearts open.

Our region is known for problems such as these, and in the midst of brokenness and extreme darkness…
We are alive with HOPE… and ignited by the light of purpose.

I have no words to adequately express the swirling in my heart.  I feel like a 2-liter that has been shaken vigorously.  I want to explode His love and His truth to His princesses and princes.
I want them to KNOW there is more.
I want them to dream.

In the two months I have lived here, I have done much surveying.  The results seem to be the same. Dreaming is not common.  It’s as if they don’t know it’s even an option.
They seemed shocked by the asking.
I want our family to encourage them to stretch and reach for that which feels “impossible” despite what has been spoken over their lives.
I want them to KNOW that they have a Good Daddy, and He has more for them than they can ask, think or imagine.  I want them to reach for the unreachable.
IMG_0693I literally feel a portion of what He feels for them… and it’s shaking me.

I know He will use me/us to partner in mending the discarded, broken pieces…
IMG_0832To help in the overcoming of generational hurdles and the gates that have kept their hearts from true freedom and joy.
My life has not been perfect, it is not perfect, and many days I want to run back to what feels comfortable and familiar, but I DO KNOW His voice… and it is most tender.
He is crying out for His Smalls.

In this land of quaking earth… people spend their lives constructing things that don’t last…

And locking up things that have no eternal value.
All the while squandering that which is most sacred.
I hear Him.  He is asking… “Who will show them the more I have for them?”

I hear Him inviting my family, “Will you show them my heart,  the heart of Daddy?”
IMG_0558We continue to live in mystery as we say, “YES!”
Our hearts are huge in regards to the restoration of purity and family, educating and shifting a culture, empowering and walking alongside the abused, abandoned and the alone, offering grace-filled assistance.  We do not know what it will all look like, but we know it starts with love.

We treasure you prayers as we continue to cry out for the people of Costa Rica, as we continue attempt to rapidly learn the language…
Trying to discern His will…
And tap into the untapped gold mine…
Of teaching His Smalls who they really are.

He calls them by name.
IMG_0653 People are the heartbeat and passion of our God…
IMG_0682Smalls are to be loved.

I am so thankful He gave us a margin of mystery.
It forced us to love for the sake of love and not for the sake of a project.
Pretty powerful!

We continue to have few answers, but that hasn’t stopped us thus far.
Today, I am simply thankful for the awakening that has occurred.
I know more unfolding is underway.  We will be sure to keep you posted.
We need you.

Much love,