Container Day

The big day finally arrived.
A day our family has been tirelessly working towards…
Container Day!


A little excessive for the few items we actually still own!
Here’s why we landed on investing in a container…

“Well, I know someone in Costa Rica…”
A sentence I’ve heard quite a bit lately.
People going out of their way to offer friendship… humbling.

Wanting to glean from the pioneers before me, I’ve actually contacted those friends of friends of friends.  One of them convinced me…
“For the sake of your kids’ hearts, you should really get a container.”  Financially, it didn’t make sense.  For the sake of them having a few more things to help their hearts with the transition (and their special food needs), it was a non-negotiable.  Although Costa Rica has so many beautiful traits, buying cars there is shady business.  One guy found the VIN # of 26 cars in Costa Rica.  Of those 26, 25 had the odometers rolled back!  That doesn’t even mention how many he found with hidden salvage titles.  It’s important for us to be able to get Charli to medical care quickly and safely.  So, we packed a car in the container.

Been so crazy as we’ve donated, sold and packed… all working together to create an inventory of all we’re shipping.
















Glad to be practicing integration… we’re all working together… packing boxes, making lists, counting items and more.

IMG_8652Been a season where I keep making the declaration and promise to my kids, “It won’t always be like this!”
I tell myself, “Next time they say, ‘Chase me, Daddy!’  I won’t miss the invitation.”

Have caught myself very grumpy as of late as I process all of the “get to’s,” but at the moment I’m simply blown away by the help of friends.










(We were told not to smile.)

How do you respond when a friend uses a sacred “Vacation Day” from work to help you move?!?  What kind of person does that?  The guys you see above, and they’re not the only ones either.

We all know that “moving” is a form of torture, right?  These guys make me feel like they are having fun while they carry mattresses and boxes for me.

So blown away by their gift of brotherhood.
So blown away by the Lord’s gentle love even in the midst of craziness.

Grateful that the container is loaded.
Exhausted and Relieved.


The funny thing is… all of our stuff combined filled less than half the container.

We certainly aren’t getting it right, but…
We are traveling lighter and loving it.
Already seeing the truth of “less is more!”

Simplifying… feels good.