deep gratitude… forward progress

In the last couple days I was looking over our website…
I came across the page that communicated our purpose and role.
It was extremely encouraging to see that we were staying the course.

Our cups are full…  and we are so incredibly grateful for what God continues to do.

An incredible team of ladies from the Vineyard in Ohio just left a few days ago..
They were a sheer delight and a gift to all of us here in Samara.

Truly, they excelled at love.

Being together brought sweet refreshment.

Kelly and I continue to discuss our vision and future.
We are diligently trying to make sure that the lenses through which we see are the lenses of Christ’s love and desires.

It’s a constant re-calibration process.
But, I do believe we are seeing more clearly.

We continue to remain resourceful and creative as we learn, serve and direct what we can.
(This is me doing my version of “plumbing.”) 

I am practically a plumber now!

We continue to have an extremely high value for family…
Remembering that shepherding their hearts must remain our highest priority.

Still pursuing people for the sake of sharing hope and love…
At times offering relief, other times development and rehabilitation and at other times…
Simply a hand to hold.

The amount of fruit that we see is abundant… both spiritual and physical!

Refining seems like a daily process these day…
It’s not a comfortable, but it sure is good.

We have so many plans for this year.

We were excited to host a training on how to minister to precious people with addiction.
Our dear friend, Kevin Hoffman, lead this workshop for us.

The training was followed by a precious time of ministry.  Kevin is an incredible instrument of the Lord in fostering emotional healing… from hurts, habits and hang-ups…

Recently, we started hosting two recovery groups within our church.
God is opening new doors for deeper healing.

In December I offered a workshop on “How to Interpret the Bible.”
The hunger level was incredible…
I long to offer more of these in the next few months.

We were honored to get to serve with one of our most precious friends here, Lenina (the director of our children’s school).
It was an amazing event full of the love of Jesus, play and giving.
Students received not only food, but they also received much needed school supplies.

Serving is always so much more fun when doing it with people we love.
We are thankful for each and every friendship that God has blessed us with.

The Lord has opened more doors in local schools, and we have formed new ministry partners.
We have construction projects beginning in a few short months…
As well as hosting other teams.

We’re blown away…
When we feel incredibly uncertain and lean into the unsettled…
God supplies the faith we need…. often through hearts like yours…
He reminds us to KEEP walking forward and trust in HIS goodness and strength.
It is ALWAYS with deep gratitude that we write and share how God is working in our family and in our small town in Costa Rica.
The Lord is gracious, tender, patient and kind with us… always.

Our love and blessings to you.