Many of you are wondering what has been going on over the last several days.
Well, it has been quite the whirlwind.
At times I feel like I’m stepping into parts of the process blindly.IMG_8432

Our days have been spent with cross-country e-mails, Skype’s, and calls…
Wiring money, contract writing, information changing…
Learning, negotiating, dialoguing with possible partners…
Packing, sharing, selling, celebrating, thanking, simplifying…
Such a strange mix of joy in the midst of uncertainties.


We’ve been working, playing, laughing and crying, with some moments spent literally trying to survive…
It’s crazy pills around here.


On a praise note…  Emmiline and I now have our plane tickets!
We are set to leave on June 16!  (that is… leave for Costa Rica.  We will leave from TN.)
A dear friend generously shared his Skymiles to make this happen.  Blown away by this kindness!

Emmiline and I will stay in a hostel in Samara until the closing of our home. I’m really excited about this adventure with her!
The rest of the family is planning to arrive a few days later once the container has (hopefully) arrived.  
Please pray for divine timing. We will need our car from the container to pick everyone up from the airport.

Things are progressing quickly.

Our hearts continue to be filled with awe and wonder as we watch, wait and see Him reveal. He always lavishes us with His love… even when we’re unaware of it.

It is a great unfolding.  

We will miss our Faith nest and our family here.

For those of you continuing to ask about our most pressing financial needs…  We are still in need of significant fundraising, but our current most pressing needs are the following:

-Money or Skymiles for 4 tickets (Kelly and 3 smalls) to Liberia, Costa Rica.

-Money to go towards our residency. With 6 of us and the legal fees, we’re anticipating this to be about $10,000.  Lord-willing, we’re able to qualify for the Missionary Residency.  This would completely eliminate the need to come up with the $60,000 for the other residency option!

-Educational funding for The Smalls (even online international homeschools are crazy expensive).

More information will soon follow.

Thank you for even taking the time to read this.

We are so thankful for your love and support.  Much to do here… trying to not miss opportunities to play.  The enemy loves to whisper the lie, “Next week will be less busy.”