Full steam ahead?


Well, that’s a little hard to say… 

The sick bug has definitely kicked my tail lately.

Then, once it kicked it, and I was lying on the ground unable to move, it continued to kick it… over and over and over again.

The sad part is that I was partnering with the sickness.

Meaning, I was wallowing in my misery.

I kept outwardly saying how sick I was.  

I literally made negative declarations.
My negativity empowered the sickness.

I felt very sorry for myself.

I was basically being a baby.

Beauty (my wife) loves me enough to tell me when I’m grumbling like that.

Initially, I am not thrilled to be told this kind of truth, but as my perspective improves I become grateful that she’d love me this much.

Big picture, my life is the dream.

My wife and kids are the greatest peeps on the planet!  We love and enjoy each other more than anything.  My family is great.

I love my job, my church and my friends.

The Lord loves me and has poured His favor all over me (will unpack this another time… it’s mind-boggling).

I love Easter.  Celebrating what it means brings me to tears.

Somehow I lost sight of the big picture.

I’ve been in significant pain all day for the past week.  I have not been kind.  That is a gross understatement.  
Fear crept into my heart and thoughts.

I’ve blamed my pain for my grumpiness.  I have blamed the pressures of all there is to do… blame-shifting, right?

Well, after many, many apologies to my family (seriously, it hasn’t been pretty), hopefully I am back on track.


Tickling babies as much as I can… very hopeful… yet, grieving fairly heavily as I process leaving loved ones… growing increasingly excited about what the Lord is going to do on our new adventure.

Progress has been rather slow in the last week in terms of preparing… maybe a few loads of stuff to the Goodwill.  Glad for the attitude adjustment… praying for divine health.

Remembering all that the Lord has done today.  Found myself focusing on what He hasn’t done.  That’s the best way to clog the pipe of faith!  Not going to partner with that kind of unproductive thinking.  The moment I focus on what He hasn’t done is the moment faith starts to shrink!  Remembering His never-ending, inexhaustible faithfulness.  Wish I hadn’t needed to be reminded to remember!

Much to share about the Lord’s favor on us… will update on that soon.  Although it hasn’t all been sunshine and giggles lately, I’m having a re-orientation for my mind.  Seems it needs constant re-calibration.  Life is good.  The Lord is good.