I realize it’s no surprise that God loves to work in mysterious ways…
Yet I still can’t help but wrestle with shock as I partake in his unfolding plans for our lives.
FullSizeRender (25)This new year has already been filled with overflowing mystery.
We are seeing His faithfulness more than ever as we continue to sojourn without concrete details.
Day by Day He provides fresh manna.
Provisional manna, relational manna, spiritual manna, and lately directional manna.

I (Kelly) should share that most everything in my life I said I could/would never do, God has graciously allowed me to experience.  Whether teach homeschool, become a missionary, or move to a third world country… I am realizing the irony.  My list could go on and on, but what impacts my heart the most is not frustration that God would call me to do what I said I would/could never do…
Instead, I have a growing awareness that He has been gently leading me  to recognize His great truth over my life. It’s as if I hear His voice over and over again saying, “I want you to live your life AWARE that you CAN do all the things you deemed impossible and unfavorable… all the things you felt too small to do.”

It’s no secret that our family has been living in what I would call an uneasy kind of mystery.
I have spent many hours talking with God… telling Him how impractical and how irresponsible being a missionary feels.  Who leaves a wonderful, life-giving, secure job to take on a lifestyle of total dependency and uncertainty?
FullSizeRender (24) I know He is smiling as I type.

We have shared how our hearts have been exploding.
The needs are so big, and we feel so small.
It’s easy to believe the lie that a simple boy with only 5 smooth stones cannot whoop a giant…
That something world changing cannot be built from the seemingly small.
IMG_2676There are giants in our land, seen and unseen, familiar and unfamiliar.
The giants do not frighten us… they simply make us even hungrier for change.

That being said, we are sensing some new revelation from The Lord.   Our goal is to make our lives about providing resources to help change this world spiritually, relationally and monetarily.

Many of you know we are NOT allowed to have jobs here.  Outsiders are not allowed to have employment in Costa Rica.  Thankfully, we have learned over the last 2 decades how to “live light.”  Our family has few needs/wants.  Our hearts are to be conduits for lasting change in Costa Rica.

We believe The Lord has been releasing vision and dreams.  They feel very mysterious, very ironic and very much like David and the Giant, but, we are motioning towards impossibilities and seeking.

We are sensing The Lord might be asking us to create a “missional business.”  A small-ish business that offers something desired in our town, while secretly creating “Holy space” in the market place.   It feels terrifying to even write this because it would take serious resources that we do not currently have.  Also,  I am aware of how very under-qualified we are and how none of it makes sense on paper…. kinda reminds me of our move here.

With joy, I continue to recognize that God has an affection for using the largely under-qualified.
We are certain of one thing.  If He is calling us, He will qualify.  We know without a doubt this opportunity would give us a HUGE platform for “undercover” missional activity as well as shift the culture on many levels.  It is our great desire to provide resources for the marginalized.  More valuable than providing temporary relief, we hope to offer development.  Not only could we have an undercover ministry with people we might not normally meet, but we could also provide education and employment to our beloveds here.  After knowing Jesus, education and employment are crucial to break the cycles.

We can’t wait to share more.  I know Adam is eager to share as well.
For now, if anyone reading this has a supernatural bent towards business, information regarding grants available for bettering third world countries or… if God has downloaded something to your on our behalf, we would be most thankful to receive any and all help.

Truly, my heart is that all people would experience the joys of sonship.
IMG_2703That ALL would experience the love of Jesus.
I am willing to do whatever it takes… and I have been facing many a giants in my own heart to make sure that it does.
FullSizeRender (23)

Praying I would continue to be brave enough and smart enough to believe in the sufficiency of a God that needs nothing more than an open hand, willing heart, and a few smooth stones.