Good News!!!

First and foremost, please know that I am so deeply grateful for the way I was lavished with love after my last post. I am so humbled by all of the kindness that I received. Honestly, I didn’t even know how to respond.

I have so many blessings to share… very grateful for some new friendships.  A good friend is like a kiss on the lips, right?


This is my good friend, Jorge.  I’m very blessed to have him in my life.

There is a chorus that keeps repeating itself in my head.  In my mind I can still hear my beautiful bride and good friend, Bill Johns, singing it… “God has smiled on me.  He’s been good to me.”  This song represents how my heart feels.

Physically, I feel great. I am so grateful for that. Just another reminder not to take my health for granted! I’m hoping not to get Dengue Fever again… apparently, it is much more dangerous the second time around.

The Lord is truly always so kind.  As I look back over the last few months, I can see that the Lord was strategically orchestrating good for me all the time even when I was oblivious to it!

Things are not always as expected…

Sometimes it takes a little time to love the new…























I let Bud try coffee… he knows how much I love it.  He thought he’d love it too.  I like it pretty strong and black.  Sometimes it takes a little time before you love new things (but Bud’s face was priceless after tasting it!).  Watching him taste it was quite a laugh!  It reminded me that sometimes our expectations are way off.  Rather than grimace in disgust, we are able to develop a love for the new flavor.  The initial tastes of certain parts of life here seem far less bitter now.

*A surprising development… as you know, we have homeschooled  our kids’  for their entire education. This week we will be putting all 4 kids in a local school.   I know… crazy!?! I never allowed my kids to go to school in the US, but I’m putting them in a school in a Third World Country? Yes!


FullSizeRender-10Why in the world am I doing this? Well, it is extremely important to me that the kids learn the language and develop friendships. This seems to be the best option for that. On a positive side, my two big girls will be two of the oldest students there… as an over-protective dad, I really like that. Still… I’m nervous, yet very hopeful.  As of right now, we think they will go through November… it’s too costly for us to continue after that date.  This decision has been bathed in prayer, and we are trusting.

*It may sound silly and small to some, but it’s such a wonderful thing to me… I’ve been able to tuck my Smalls in every single night for the last 2 months! This was something I’ve dreamed of for a long time! Very grateful for that. The tickling, belly-eating and praying before bed are usually a highlight of my day.


*We’ve been very blessed to have developed several very precious new friendships. Excited to see what the Lord’s going to do in these relationships.


*I’ve been asking myself, “What am I learning? What is the Lord teaching me?” Seems that He is gently and lovingly offering me the opportunity to learn about the following:





Not sure how well I’m learning them, but I’m trying to seize the opportunity He’s offering me as a gift.

Doing the best we can with what we’ve been blessed with… as you may know, we are a chemical-free family. I don’t think I’ve taken an Advil or any other type of chemical for a couple years now. However, the termites here are quite impressive… taking drastic actions to fight them. Using a “chemical” that I’m pretty sure is banned in all developed countries. Pretty dangerous, but you’ve gotta do the best you can with what you’ve got, right?


Learning to be grateful for and resourceful to use what is available to us.  The Ticos have quite a bit of “resourcefulness.”  Hoping that it rubs off on me!

I do feel like the Lord has been reminding me of something that I’ve taught over and over again. What do we do as we wait for the “and suddenly” moment to happen? Well, we steward every little thing we’ve been entrusted with as well as we can! He’s lovingly reminding me of this. Waiting for the “and suddenly,” but trying to steward all of the little things well. Much to steward… words, thoughts, relationships, dollars, spiritual gifts, Smalls, emotions, etc.


Much love from the Backwardsmissionaries!