His name is Fabricio

IMG_1882His name is Fabricio, and he’s stolen our hearts.

His story is heart-breaking… so incredibly sad. Out of respect for his family, we will not share the details.



Yet, he has remained such a gentle, tender boy.  On Monday Eloise saw him in the street, and they began to talk.  Eloise told him that it was Elliott’s birthday.  Fabricio immediately ran into his house to fill a bag with his toys to give as a gift.  I am afraid that he gave Elliott his favorite things… once again, he is giving out of such a place of love.


How he loves his mama is so precious.


She’s loves her boy.  In spite of some health issues, she works incredibly hard to provide for them, but in many ways she’s caught in systems of the overworked and underpaid in Costa Rica.


Our hearts are deeply burdened for this family.  They never ask for any type of assistance.  We ache to see them experience the future we believe the Lord intends for them.  We believe for this to be a possibility… we must find a way to get Fabricio out of the public school system.  Many of the public schools offer such a poor education.  Fabricio’s school was marked by violence last year.  This year it is marked by doing so little to actually educate.


We are asking in faith for a community of people… maybe a Sunday School Class or a small group, to consider sponsoring our sweet friend to be able to get a quality education… even if this group committed to paying for a few months of his education, it would make a huge difference.


Without question or doubt, we will find a way for this to happen.  Kelly’s comment to me today was, “I don’t care what we have to do without, we’re getting him in that school.  If that means, we’re all going without… well, we’re all going to go without!”  I couldn’t agree more.


In all honesty, December is the month that is the most important for us to do our personal fundraising, but we feel strongly that the Lord wants us to make this the priority over our own support.


If you are interested in supporting Fabricio’s schooling, please contact me directly at avaughanfam@gmail.com. These funds will be handled differently, and we will insure that they are given to the school as quickly as possible.


Thank you.

Much love.