Updates for all those partnering with us.

I will try and be as candid as I can so you will better know our needs and how to pray.

Currently, our home is under contract (praise The Lord!), and we are set to close next month.

FSBO copy


We are so grateful for the way the Lord orchestrated this!

The plan is still to arrive in Costa Rica at the beginning of June.

Fundraising has not gone as well as we had hoped.  We are not undone by this, we are fully trusting.  Hope is rising.

One potential is in the works… we are in dialogue with an attorney to begin a different type of residency.  It is difficult to obtain, but should we be granted this missionary residency, it would GREATLY reduce the money we would need, as well as the headaches that come along with the Rentista Residency.  We are really hopeful, but we really need divine favor.

We have not found a place to live.  Right now the question echoing in my head is, “Where are we going to lay our heads?”  As of today, there are only two real options.  Both are 2 bedrooms and both a bit out of our price range (our goal is to live simply and acquire no debts).  We are very open to the option of renting the dives that are available.  Most are close to a $1,000 a month and ONE bedroom.  We can rally… we can make it work.  Our hopes are to steward what He has given us as wisely as possible, especially since we are unable to work in Costa Rica, making future planning quite tricky.  We are trusting in the midst of great mystery.

Another item we are discussing and really praying over is paying for a shipping container.  We have sold most our items with our home, and we will continue to donate and hold sales.  We will not have much to ship, but due to dietary restrictions cooking tools are very valuable and nearly impossible to get in Costa Rica.  We will need our blender, grain mill, mixer, food processor, good pots and pans etc.  We wouldn’t even really bother with a car if it weren’t for Charli and our medical concerns for her.  At this point we would need to make sure we can access immediate medical assistance should an emergency occur.  Containers are not cheap.  We would normally never entertain this because of the cost, but the car helps to justify the investment, as well as having a few luxuries from the states.  We have the option of selling the car there to help offset these costs.

We know it would greatly bless The Smalls to have a few of their treasures: legos, books, and a couple of their stuffed babies.


We are trying to remain open on all fronts while processing what is wisest in the long run.

We would greatly appreciate your prayers, consideration of financial support, supernatural counsel, and even SkyMile donations (we’ve had some, but still need more).

We are very thankful for your kind words, for your encouragement and love.  Your prayers for our smalls and our entire family to walk this out in courage and faith are bearing fruit.  Everyday is filled with question marks.  Somedays the temptation to give way to fear is greater than others.  Thankfully we have had some training in this area.  We prayed for over a year to make our Faith Home in Dayton a reality. 


And, though it feels so very hard and heavy to leave and motion towards the great unknown, He has always proven faithful.  It may not all pan out the way we had thought, but He will not let our footing slip.  This we know for sure.  He is good, and He can be trusted.

You have no idea what your partnership means to us.  It’s literally a loaves and fishes miracle.  May he multiply your investment and return it unto you 100 fold.