How this all started

dream-picIn December 2013, I (Adam) preached a sermon that has haunted me. No, it wasn’t haunting me because it was a horrible sermon (although I’ve had those too).

In fact, it is one of the only sermons I’ve given that I actually remember. As a result of my message, I not only examined, but I also realigned my value hierarchy. The sermon felt like an invitation to live drastically different. It was the birth of a desire to simplify… not just for the purpose of having less or doing less. It was an invitation to simplify so that I could really be about the things that I said I value most.

Attentiveness to the Lord was one of these things. At times it seems surprising, but He really does speak when I listen. He invited my family and I into an adventure not only to simplify but also to advance the Kingdom in ways that are new and different from our past.

This is our story. We plan to move to Costa Rica in June 2015. If you’d like to know more about our journey, we’d love to talk to you.