July 2023

Blessings and love to you.  Thank you for taking time to read this… thank you for ongoing care for me.

Recently, I had the opportunity to return to my beloved Costa Rica…


I was honored and blessed to reconnect with those I deeply love.

Some have literally grown up right before my eyes… both physically and spiritually.

I am forever thankful that God puts the lonely in a family. 
When we were so far from home, God gave us Kingdom Family.  

As I’ve processed my trip, I have three main thoughts resonating in my head.

First, in all honesty, I’m asking the Lord what He wants me to do. 

I don’t feel like I’m making the impact that I had hoped to make.  I’m referring mostly to my involvement in the Bible Institute.  I’m not totally sure what to think… I thought I had much more traction.  To be honest, this left me feeling discouraged.  I wanted to have something magnificent to show… with much fruit… and deep roots spreading broadly.

Did I make the same mistake that I have seen so often from missionaries?  That’s the mistake of assuming that I know what my Costa Rican friends want and need.  It’s never done with mal-intent, but it causes missionaries to do what might not actually be meeting a true perceived need.

Instead, I felt chopped down in many ways… yet, the Lord was surprising me with some new, unexpected growth.


Second, the Lord encouraged me by reminding me of what He can do with a little seed. 

A friend of mine in Costa Rica has battled countless struggles, and he’s repeated patterns of addiction, self-harm, depression, etc.  For years, I’ve attempted to love him and  to point him to Jesus.  I haven’t done anything impressive.  If I’m completely honest, I did not expect this friend to ever break free from these cycles.  Yet, when I spent time with him on my most recent trip, he was more grounded, stable, and at peace than I’ve ever seen him.

I appreciated this simple reminder… I am just throwing out seed. 

I can tend to it, but He makes it grow.  I am amazed by my friend’s progress, health, and freedom, I’m also so grateful for the Lord’s tender encouragement.  He is always working, even when we cannot see.

Third, He also blessed and surprised me with a few divine appointments.  He has opportunities we simply cannot plan.  For example, I had a spontaneous conversation for roughly 90 minutes with my shuttle driver, and I got to share Bible stories and the heart of God.  He was curious and receptive.  Because I’ve known him for awhile, he felt safe to ask questions that had confused him regarding the church and its practices.


Another divine appointment… after preaching at a small Costa Rican church,

The pastor asked me to join him in praying for a woman who was present.  I had no idea what kind of condition she suffered from, but based on the people around us, it appeared severe.  Well, after returning to the states, I sent a message to the pastor.  He told me, “God has done a miracle!  Everything came back clear in her ultrasound!”

Lord lovingly continues to remind me of the power of  seeds and the value of relationships.

Often I think we miss the valuable looking for “the impressive.”  My recent time in Costa Rica is what it has always been… consistent, small touches filled with love, truth and intentionality.  It has been and will always be about relationships.

Finally, I leave Tuesday to serve in Honduras.  I love serving, supporting, and encouraging both pastors and missionaries.  I will get to serve a missionary from the Knoxville area who is doing an incredible work for the Lord in El Doradito, Honduras.  I am so impressed with his heart.  I would treasure your prayers.

Thank you again for staying by my side and believing in me.

May the Lord bless you with more of His grace and peace.