It’s much easier to give out of our abundance rather than our poverty.
When life is smooth, and time and resources are in abundance, I share my bread with ease…
But when life motions me towards generosity and provisions “appear” thin, fear tempts me to close my fist.Today, is “go day!”
Today is the day we have been preparing for.
IMG_9774Today is the day I will gather up our remaining smalls and travel to a land unknown and call it home.
I do not have time nor energy to list all the emotions I am currently experiencing.Planning is done.
Packing is done.
“See you laters” have been said.
IMG_9639There is nothing more to do than simply walk forward towards love’s invitation.
But Today feels scary…
pickerimage (29)
Handling all these details without my Good Pastor by my side…
Makes me really sweaty on the inside.
I’m a hider by instinct.
But instead of hiding, I will offer out of my lack.
I will choose to be yielded and available for intercession.Today is a stepping out day.
DSC_1044Like everyday, it’s another day to risk.It’s a day to be His light…
His heartbeat.
IMG_9657It’s a day for family reunions.
It’s a day for love to cast out all fear.I have learned, it hurts me most when I approach stretching seasons with closed fists…
Not only do I miss the blessing that comes from offering, but I also miss out on the receiving.
I want to live generously no matter the season I am in…
Plenty or in want.
Drawing great encouragement from the scriptures…
Seems the Father’s heart has always had a deep affection for the mite offering verses the millions.
Offering mine today…
pickerimage (30)
And trusting while I do.
 (sorry this is not more polished… still not internet.  borrowing a few minute on a public network.
Much more soon!)