oh what a night…

Kelly here!
Just wanted to take a moment and write a quick update.
Adam and I will do our best to keep you informed in the midst of the swirling.

Many of you know, we had our TN farewell last night.
It was truly a gift.
Sharing hearts with those we have walked with for years gives us hope that He will indeed do it again.
He will reproduce love.
It’s who He is.

Thank you to all who helped.
It took many hands to pull this off.
We are so grateful.
Thank you for all who came.
My brother and his wife have worked tirelessly to make this happen.
Nothing is sweeter than having your own brother champion you.
To hear him say the words “I’m proud of you.”
His family has given this old tank fresh fuel.
The entire night felt like a giant hug…
IMG_9631That is…
Until we got home and my Good Pastor checked his e-mail.

This week has been full of opposition.
I know, I know, we should expect it, but it’s still wearing.
Especially when you get a notification at 10:30 that your 5 o’clock flight has been CANCELLED.
Panic set in.
Details are not so easily rearranged when you are shifting your entire life to another country.
This means he would loose his rental car…
He would loose his lodging…
The closing on our house (scheduled for tomorrow) would be cancelled.
It was frustrating to say the least.

After hours of calls, waiting and conversations we were able to get them on an earlier flight.
They got up and headed out around 2:30 this morning.
Thankful it all worked out.
It typically always does, but needless to say, we have had a good long stretch.

Here is what I woke up to…
A sweet text from our Emmiline.

She was so delighted that she and Santa would be sharing a plane.
This brought some comic relief.
Thankful for the eyes of a child.
Thankful for her joy.

GP also messaged me.
Now that his phone is unlocked, he will be harder to reach.

I have to be honest.
This past week has literally kicked my tail.
Many moments I have entertained the lie that I should just give up.
Life has felt too hard.
I do not run from hard, but this season has felt like a never ending marathon.
I have not run a pretty race.
In fact, I have even struggled with shame that I’m not as spiritually fit as I would like to be.
Shouldn’t I be better equipped for all these challenges???
I know this is NOT The Father’s voice, but it still speaks…
And I still wrestle.

Our Good Pastor has been AMAZING!
Truly, he has been a ROCK.
He looks more like Jesus than ever.
When I have been tempted to crash…
He sings silly songs to lighten the load.
One of his favorites is the old tune…
“We’re gonna make it after all.”
He has NOT wavered.
In the midst of a million distractions his eyes remain fixed.
I am watching him.
I am learning from him.
IMG_9633I am blessed by him.
He is a true shepherd and pioneer.
Thankful to be led by man after God’s own heart.

Please continue to pray.
After surviving the “Oh what a night…”
Two members of our family are on their way to Costa Rica.
Many important events will happen over the next few days.
Selfishly, I would like them to go a bit more smoothly.
In the meantime, we’ll try and keep you posted.

Much love and many thanks from our entire nest!