On behalf of The Smalls…

It’s me, Eloise!
Today, I have been asked by my mom and dad to share a little bit about how me and the other smalls have been feeling about moving to Costa Rica.

Honestly, I am 100% thrilled about the idea. But when I get into the packing and getting stuff done, my excitement drops a bit.

Emmiline and I have known for quite a while about the move. We are so excited and peaceful that it is going to work out. Still, some times we struggle with tempers, snappiness, and storming off. But overall our hearts have had a little longer to process so it is easier for us than the smalls. We’re still human, folks!

Elliott and Charli have both been very excited, however, their hearts are very sad about leaving their friends
image (3)and family.
image (4)
Sometimes it is also hard for them to see a treasured toy be sent to goodwill.

It seems like yesterday that we were celebrating moving into the Rose of Sharon, in Ohio.
image (5) Now we are being called to the House of Dreams.

I feel so blessed that God is planting me and my family in a completely new dwelling place.
image (6)Please pray for the miraculous for our (the smalls) bodies.  We have been on a very strict diet for 6 months, and we  will not be able to continue it in Costa Rica.  We desperately need God to heal us from our food allergies.
Thanks for reading.  I’ll be back soon!