Blessings to you, and thank you for reading.

When I first purchased my motorcycle, a good friend told me, “There are only two types of motorcycle drivers.
Those who have had wrecks and those who will.”

(If you look closely, yes, that is a butterfly sticker on my motorcycle.  It was there when I bought it.  I didn’t feel like the motorcycle was manly enough for me to actually remove it.)

Unfortunately, I moved from the category of “those who will have a wreck to those who have had a wreck.”  Yes, I had a motorcycle accident.  That wasn’t the main problem… I tried to self-medicate afterwards.  Not sure why, but I often seem to struggle when it comes to asking for (or receiving) help.  It pains me to do this.

I will spare you pictures of the wound.  When I’m in town, those with weaker stomachs quickly look away after making eye contact with the burn on my leg.  It’s quite gross-looking and so excruciatingly painful.  Unfortunately, I ended up in the hospital.   It’s a pretty ugly burn from the muffler… both in size and intensity, but I’m making wonderful progress now.

What I’ve been asking myself is…
“Why is it so hard to ask for and receive help?
Why is it so hard to rest?”  (strict adherence to taking antibiotics and resting have been the doctor’s emphatic demands)  I’m wrestling with those questions.  I’m learning.  But it’s not easy.

My biggest takeaway is that I’m so incredibly blessed.  The Lord has given me such precious friends.  They have blown me with their service and kindness.  I’m just so grateful.  I honestly don’t even know how to express it.

And… I’m so incredibly grateful for progress.  I’m able to get around a little now, and I’m not even having to use crutches.

I remain in a season of learning… wrestling… processing… growing.  Seems I have an infinite amount of growing remaining to be done.

The Lord continues to pour out His goodness on us… truly, it is obvious that He lavishes His children with His love.

My cup was overflowing to have time with some of precious loved ones.  Such a rich treat for my soul.

Pictured below is a Nana who treasures her grandkids!

These buddies having been trying to teach me to receive (with varying degrees of success).
Deeply blessed by time with them.

When we have company, the whole family enjoys them!  A simple card game of War feels so insignificant, but you can see the delight on Charli’s face.  It speaks volumes.

The gift of friendship is such a life-giving blessing.

Our family has learned more about the value of friendship in the past year and a half than ever before.

We have also learned the value of family.

I can’t possibly communicate how proud I am of my beautiful wife.  Her diligence is inspirational.  Her love and service are unequaled.

Kelly did such an amazing job sharing about the relentless, never-ending love of the Father at a youth camp.


We have continued to have so many opportunities to serve so many precious people.

We’ve continued to provide school supplies to help children in poorer villages.

We actually gave this most recent batch of backpacks (filled with school supplies) to pastors of various communities.

Our desire is to lovingly invite these pastors to serve their communities.  Often they lack the resources to do this.

In addition, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to help a beautiful family have running water inside their home.

We are so thankful The Lord continues to provide so many opportunities for our family to to serve, to teach, to preach, to train…

Yet, “Backwards” remains an appropriate title for us.  Truly, we are the ones doing the learning.  We are so extremely blessed.
Much love to all!