Our Story

In all honesty, I still get confused by mission statement vs. vision statement.  Or, is it purpose statement?  It’s a little easier for me to think in terms of… Who?  What?  When?  Where?  Why?  How?

IMG_5514Who:  The Vaughans.  Kelly and Adam both grew up in Knoxville, but the Lord’s graciously allowed them to work in churches in Tennessee, Florida and Ohio.

What:  Selling or giving away almost everything, loading a plane, relocating in Costa Rica to advance the Lord’s Kingdom, to care for His people, to proclaim truth, to set captives free.

When:  We arrived in Costa Rica in June 2015.

  Sámara, Costa Rica.  It’s a very small town in the Nicoya Peninsula on the northwest side of the country.  The whole country is about the size of West Virgina!

Why:  We sense the Lord lovingly invited us to do this!  Let me preface
it by saying that I second guess myself about almost everything.  In light of the fact that I’m often the over-protective dad, there is no way I would take my wife and kids to a Third World country unless I was confident that the Lord was in it!

IMG_5199How:  Through money raised by selling our stuff, through financial support from friends and family, through the prayers of our people.

We invite you to join us as we embark on the pilgrimage of dying to our own entitlements and living the dream of functioning out of what we say we believe.

We long for you to partner with us as we cultivate cultures of naturally, supernatural families worldwide by loving well, pressing into hard things, taking risks, defying generational and social norms, and reclaiming Godly and relational heritage.


Ways you can support:



Please pray for relationships, attentiveness to God’s Spirit, wisdom, favor, power, authority, breakthrough, financial provision.


You use the form to the right to give online.  We are grateful for any and all investments into the Fathers work.

Creative donations:

You can give things like Sky Miles or other non-monetary gifts. If you have an idea, let us know.


Family, we cannot possibly express how grateful we are for your willingness to support us as we step out to do the Father’s business!

Our most humble “Thank you!”