poco a poco

Today marks ONE MONTH of our family being together in Costa Rica.
It’s hard to believe that much time has passed, and yet at the same time,
These have felt like some of the longest days of my life.

When we felt The Lord calling us on this adventure a year ago…
We knew we had 3 IMMEDIATE goals…
Learn the language.
Learn the food.
Learn the culture.

We have been working very diligently since our arrival.
It’s funny… we see many people here vacationing.
It feels odd, because in no way does my life feel like a vacation.
We are learning around the clock here.
pickerimage (38)
We are all studying very hard to learn as quickly as possible.
pickerimage (39)
It is a must.
We are still hoping to do language school.
It is an investment, so we are processing how to make it all work.
The smalls need friends and desire to partner in ministry as well.
This means they need the school just as much as we do.

Food is pretty limited here.
pickerimage (42)
We have very few options.
Pretty much a repeat of certain veggies, rice, beans and tropical fruits.
They are all delicious, and we are thankful.
Adjusting our mindsets from entitlement to gratitude is the real work here.

pickerimage (40)It really is a totally different world here.
pickerimage (34)(This is a sign down the road from us warning of crocodiles.)
The animals.
The roads.
The nature.
The markets.
The lifestyle.
The relationships.
It’s all different.

They also have their own ways of getting things done.
Ways our US minds would never consider.
pickerimage (36)(If you look closely, you will see two men in this picture.  One man is using his body to hold a branch down, while the other man saws.)

I remain surprised regarding how few people speak English.

No one is in a hurry… unless they are driving, of course.

And you have access to very little.
Where we live, you cannot find typical everyday items like towels, socks, basic cleaning supplies, cooking tools, etc.
I am most thankful we opted to ship a container.
Life would be a whole new level of hard without some items from home.

A couple of weeks ago, we were having a lesson from a local grandma we adore.
I was tearfully expressing my heart…  how I desperately wanted to learn… longing to be activated in ministry.
She gave me advice which impacted me on many levels.
It may not seem crazily profound to most, but it spoke to me.
She simply smiled and said…
“Poco a poco.”
Little by little.
She explained I had a huge wall to climb, and it couldn’t be conquered all at once, but in time, “poco a poco…” it would all come together.

Those words have brought great peace to me as I continue to remind myself to celebrate all progress and take in the beauty that overshadows each and every learning step.
This month has been quite a month.
It has been very stretching, and I will not lie… most difficult at times.
Some moments, many moments, tempt me to be overwhelmed.
pickerimage (35)
But, poco a poco my heart is adjusting and settling in.
I am believing in The One that invites us to trust.
I am believing in The One that invites us to partner in the dreaming.
I am believing in The One that issues impossible invitations so we might partake in the miraculous.
And poco a poco I want our entire family to release His supernatural love and power to our new friends in Costa Rica
pickerimage (37)And the world.

Please know we treasure each and everyone of you.
Friendship is vital to us, especially on this leg of the race.
pickerimage (41)Much love,
Kelly, on behalf of all The Backwardsmissionaries