Pop’s Sunday School Class

Well, in case you didn’t know it, my dad is affectionately known by, “Pop,” to many Central American children.  Your class is referred to as, “Pop’s Class.”  I may not have actually been to Pop’s Class, but I think of you with great fondness for two reasons.  One, I hear the way Pop and Patricia speak of you.  Their love for you makes us love you.

We will never forget the kindness you showed our family as we walked out losing our two sons.  Your prayers helped sustain us.


I am still so deeply humbled by your care when my little Charli lived in the NICU for 150 days.

Charli newborn
Charli turned 5 this week!  Outwardly, she may be small, but on the inside she is a giant (kind of like her Granny, aka “Patricia”).


As you may know, the Lord lovingly invited my family and I on a missionary adventure.  Looking back over our lives, we see that the Lord was preparing us for this even from our childhoods.  I wasn’t much of a rulebreaker even as a kid.  The one or two times I broke the rules are stories that are repeated at every family gathering now.  Although as a kid I desperately wanted to climb up those pyramid like rooflines at First Baptist Concord, I resisted the urge!  Not only was I not a rule-breaker, but I wasn’t a risk-taker of any kind.  Something’s come alive within me.  I’ve been set free to dream big!!!  I sense the Lord has spoken to me, and I am choosing to obey (I haven’t always done this well).

I’d love for you to watch our video on the “Our Story” tab of this website.  I’d also love to hear from you any time if you have questions or even ideas!  We hope to establish a way to be self-funding after we get established.

We invite you to partner with us on this journey as we once again ask God for the miraculous.  Thank you.

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