Quick update and a challenge…

Many blessings to you.  Thank you for reading this.  Thank you for your love and your support.  Even if you don’t read the rest of this, I just want you to know that I appreciate you.

First, a quick update… Life is great… just so full.  I still can’t believe how amazing the culture is in my new role at Midtown Community Church.  I really love these people!


I see God’s hand moving in so many ways. My spirit feels hopeful and expectant.

In terms of the ministry in Costa Rica, I had hoped to go in April.  Unfortunately, the funds were not there, but the Lord has provided other ways.  I have received some funds (I’m extremely grateful!), and the Lord has also given me some work on the side (landscaping / mowing / pressure washing – I’m learning).  The work has been a blessing because 1) I get time with my father-in-law (who I love, respect, and enjoy), 2) it’s a financial blessing, and 3) I get some exercise.

I am looking forward to returning to Costa Rica to serve pastors and local churches in mid-July.  Good news… my dear friend, Ben (who is my ministry partner in the Bible Institute) and I are continuing to move forward.  Even when I am not able to make it back, he is continuing the work that we have both begun.   The picture below is an example of him investing in healthy, Christ-honoring marriages (he’s already lead one marriage workshop and walked with many couples… he’s on the far right of the pic).

I am very grateful for his heart, his mind, and his work ethic.  Personally, it’s an honor to partner with him.  

Other great news… I am extremely excited to have been invited to serve in Honduras in August.  I felt my spirit come alive as I received the invitation to serve there.  One of my biggest passions is to encourage pastors and missionaries.  That is what I hope to do in Honduras, Lord-willing.  Your prayers are appreciated for this!

Lastly, I wanted to issue a challenge.  I had the pleasure of getting to see a friend from many years ago.  This is a dear friend of mine, A.B. Scott.  He was the one that gave me my first time ministry job! 

I was 23 years old at the time.  I had volunteered in a youth ministry, and I had completed a year long internship.  Meaning, he took a huge risk on me!  He believed in me.  Never once did he micro-manage me.  I was given much freedom.  I will always be grateful for him.  Actually, he still encourages me.  I say that to challenge you – who do you believe in?  Let them know that you believe in them!  Take a risk on someone.  It’s incredibly empowering to know someone believes in you!


Love and blessings to you.