I will never fully know the many sacrifices made for my freedom.
I admit, most days I take for granted that which was not always available.

But… my heart aches for the warriors, pioneers, and martyrs that have spent their lives paying the price.
The loss is great… The remembering crucial…
The outcome liberation!

Today, we spent a large chunk of our morning caring for a small heart.
Bud was overcome with emotion as he processed his own kind of remembering.  His heart was locked on his buddy, Eli.  He wept for nearly an hour.  We all just rallied around and tried our best to lovingly minister.
We held.  We prayed.  We cried alongside.
Given the day, it felt right to experience mourning… even if it does appear trivial.


Relationships are so valuable.  I guess that’s one of the many reasons this day is so important.  It’s a day to remember and celebrate relationships. Relationships that were sacrificed.
Freedom lives on because certain lives did not.

Thankful for the unexpected pause that allowed us to recount the blessing of relationship.  Thankful for so many things!

Praying for all the hearts that are suffering!
Asking for fresh hope and fresh joy.