Smalls Talk, a Backwards Small

I’m Eloisa, one of The Backwards Smalls, and a Costa Rica chica!
Now featuring: Ten things about me!

1. I love my horses! (Only how are they even mine, if Mom says they can’t come into our yard unless they are potty-trained?)


2.  The Lord is making me braver so I will have more courage to pray for strangers.

Shorty praying

3.  I love La Casa De Los Sueños! (Aka our house, The House Of Dreams.)


4.  I am wrestling with missing my friends and family, and how hard Spanish is.

mamaw and C

5.  I love trying new foods like lichi, starfruit, and “fashion fruit” (As Elliott, another Backwards Small, calls it!)

S and L at fería

6.  I get a little loco when dogs try and get in our yard!  They tear up the trash, they steal our shoes, and they’ve even tried to attack us several times!

bad dog

7. I LOVE the little niños here!

Daniel kissing

8. My fear: that a crab or lizard is going to start crawling on me.


9. My favorite snackie snack: plantain chips!

plantain chips

10. My future dream: to cruise around town in a four-wheeler, but I would settle for my own horse!


A girl’s gotta dream!

I’ll be back soon, but for now…

Shorty on bike

I have to go and continue my journey!