So Encouraged

I’m constantly becoming more aware of the power of love…. love, in the form of encouragement, has been empowering me in ways like never before…  There’s encouragement in simply doing and being together.


Our team from the Vineyard in Ohio left on June 1st.  I can’t possibly begin to communicate how blessed we were by them.  The power of encouragement that they gave was indescribable.

I couldn’t be more proud of them. They walked in such anointing. We saw so many people receive healing in their bodies.  They served so faithfully… worked incredibly hard.  All who came into contact with them were marked by their kindness.  It was such a privilege to watch hearts become knitted together.


Working together toward a common goal, serving together… it creates very powerful bond.


My friend loaned us a concrete mixer for the project… this was a game changer.  Having the right tools makes such a difference.  One of those tools is heart that is looking to serve.


We began our project laying the foundation.  I believe very strong spiritual and relational foundations were laid as well.


The investment put into this structure and these relationships is a Kingdom-investment that has already yielded huge profit.  We’re anticipating it to be 100 fold!







The pools in our hearts are still stirred by the short time we had with such dear, loved ones.  I’m learning that friendship is one of the greatest offerings we can give.  It’s a self-reciprocating gift… as we give it away, we receive a blessing.


I’m reminded more than ever of the old cliché, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”


Another quality that they carried in great measure is… “flexibility.” This trait is crucial in Costa Rica. I am trying to learn to repeat a very important phrase, “It’s just not that big of a deal.” I haven’t mastered it yet, but I’m learning.

As our hearts miss our friends who have returned to the US, I’ve found myself caught up in the whirlwind again. Much to do… many opportunities. Our ministry remains a smorgasboard… an interesting conglomeration of so many different things (serving the marginalized, caring for single mothers, partnering with other ministries, offering training, small home repairs, counseling, discipling, offering groceries, hosting groups, etc.).



Life is good. The Lord continues to lavish us with His kindness and love. We are deeply grateful.


Here, our lives are the position. I think it should have been this way all along in ministry, but that shift has definitely taken place here.


Learning more than ever from my friends… that worship does not require any kind of instruments.  This precious man lead all of the “worship” with nothing more than a tambourine someone in the audience played to accompany his voice.


So deeply encouraged…

I’m reminded by both the Lord’s tender voice and my friends from the Vineyard that encouragement truly speaks life into our souls, and I remain deeply grateful.

Sometimes encouragement is a word of love… sometimes it’s simply being in the presence of those things on earth that are most valuable to you… sweat stains and all.


A big thanks to our Dayton family for bringing your courage and sharing it with all of us.  We love you deeply.