Three Images

Three Images…

Leading, destruction and science.

Look closely…
This first picture is of a man pulling his horses while driving his scooter.

I’ve wondered do these horses follow with such velocity that the man needs the scooter so he can lead them at the appropriate pace?

The next is a man pulling his crew…
There are about 7 of them.
However, he only puts a rope harness on two of them.  He then pulls these two while riding his bicycle.
I have wondered… does he gently guide the leaders because he knows that the others will follow those two leaders on their own initiative and volition?  Or, does he tie up the two naughtiest ones because he knows that the good ones will will follow out of obedience and training?

I know that they’re not great, but it’s hard to take pictures while driving… even if I rarely go over 20mph in my town.

I share these pics and ask these questions because they’re about me.  I’ve been examining my motives and heart.  Which one of these horses best represents me?  I think I can identify with each one of them… having to be pulled, following happily and freely.

As I’ve examined my motives, sometimes I’ve seen some pretty ugly things.
Always grateful that I’m still included and invited by the Good Shepherd.


This picture was taken of a house that is on my street. It’s probably 75 yards away.
It has been said that it is one of the most secure homes around.  It has a huge concrete wall surrounding the perimeter, as well as video surveillance.
Even though, I know it’s still been burglarized.

I have asked since the fire…
“Have you heard anything else about this family?
What happened?
What are their needs?”
I am surprised that I have heard so little.  It’s a small town, and people like to share these kinds of things.
The response was, “Well, because they have money, we don’t hear or know anything about it.”

The part that has struck me is the incredible damage caused by the fire.  In dry season here we do not see rain for many, many months.  Within what seemed like moments, everything that they owned was consumed by flames.  This hit me so hard because it reminded me of the fragility and fleeting nature of life.
It’s short!
We only get ONE this side of heaven.
It doesn’t last long.
The fire didn’t instill fear within me.
Rather, it inspired more courage to… Go for it!
Courageously pursue dreams!
Life’s too short!  As my wife used to say to me as I would walk out the door to evening church meetings…
“Make it count!”

I feel like the Lord is saying, “Make it count!
Life’s too short.
Don’t play it too safe.

Don’t be afraid of the risk.
It takes a risk to get a risk’s reward.”

These images are of my son’s recent science experiment.    

The first two are from the practice round…

This last one is the real thing.

He did the Mentos Diet Coke explosion as his experiment.
It’s where you combine these two items, the reaction is a true volcanic explosion.
It’s remarkable.
When you combine these two ordinary things, the reaction is explosive in power (literally).

This image illustrates something else the Lord has been teaching me.  My wife introduced me to Dr. Carolyn Leaf’s teachings.  She shows how our thoughts (which we can control) physiologically and neurologically impact our health in MAJOR ways!!!  Seriously… the simple nature of our thoughts impacts our spiritual health, emotional health, mental health and even physical health.  The science proves it!  Thinking positive thoughts causes a reaction in our brains that is explosive in the benefits that it brings!

Just realized that there wasn’t much (if any) ministry updates in this blog post.  I’ll just say that we have remained quite occupied with all the opportunities that the Lord has given us.  However, my favorite have been times that Kelly and I have gone out with the purpose to simply do acts of kindness.  This could be anything from delivering groceries, clothing… or even just giving pastries to strangers… why?
Because kindness is so powerful (much like our thinking!).

Much love and blessings to you from the Backwards Missionaries.