to love and be loved…

Is there anything greater than love?
Is there anything more powerful than love’s exchange?
Is there anything more fundamental than the desire to love and be loved.

When love is released in a room, the atmosphere instantly shifts…
IMG_9259Something new is birthed…
Something new is stirred…
Something that was dormant springs to life.
IMG_9258Oh to be seen and celebrated!

It is a feast for the soul.
IMG_9261One, if digested properly increases hunger to reproduce for the benefit of another.

I want to show love the way God has revealed love to us through His Spirit, His Son, His Church, our family and our friends.

This weekend has been beautifully impossible.
The dams have broken open, and we have been swept over by a sea of emotions.
I would back out now if I weren’t so convinced of His asking us to go.

I know He loves us.
I know He is familiar with our aches.
I know love is forever His idea.
I know it is Him who holds.
IMG_9260Change is almost never easy and almost always necessary.

Yet in the midst of all the changes, He always lines our paths with opportunities…
IMG_9257To love and be loved.

Please know how much we treasure each and every one of you.
Your partnership is invaluable.
Thank you for loving us.
It is our highest honor to love you back!

We will cherish this weekend forever.
-Kelly, on behalf of The Backwards Missionaries