Top Ten Update

Hopeful’s Top Ten Update…
1)  The Faith House is alive with packing, donating, and tossing.  Lifting, moving… so far, no hernia… but I definitely came close!
(It’s looking pretty vanilla and sad around here… walls are barren.)













2)  We landed on taking a shipping container.  This enables us to take our car so that we could access medical attention for Charli and the rest of The Smalls.  It also lets us take some things that are hard to find there… good mattresses, kids’ blankets, a couple more toys and books… stuff that will help our Smalls’ hearts, tools necessary to make all of our allergen-free foods…  It’s worth the investment.



3)  Kelly is thankful to be able to take a few small pieces of furniture that hadn’t sold.  She loves decorating and her home is her canvas.


4)  Emotions are higher than normal as we process all the changes that are rapidly approaching.


5)  We got majorly denied on a house offer last week.  A little later the week we crunched numbers, prayed and begged owners, and they miraculously agreed to take 25, 000 less than what they were asking.  HUGE praise!

We are still in negotiations and would covet your prayers.


6)  We are in the midst learning all the different ways Costa Rica does things… so many lawyers, incorporations, rules, legalities… etc.
Everything is harder and more expensive than it appears.   Feeling extremely grateful for many helpful people in Costa Rica.  Trying to celebrate that they’re “laid back,” rather than grumble about un-returned emails.


7)  Emmiline and Eloise continue to help and partner in EVERYTHING… for this and so many reasons, we are truly blessed.  (below is a text from Emmiline)



8)  We continue to sense God’s hands as he brings precious people beside us to encourage us, pray for us, support us, and express their belief in us.


9)  The current pack up date is May 13th.  We will live in our home until the end of the month and then head to TN.  I might end up staying one extra week in June (while the family is in TN)… waiting to finalize.  Emmiline and I will head to Costa Rica, close on our home and (Lord-willing) unpack the container.  She and I will pick up the rest of the family when they arrive a few days later… might have a problem if the whole family arrives before the car does.


10)  Lastly, we are learning so much during this process… mostly heart stuff.
For instance, we need to be faithful to choose well and love our family well in the midst of chaos.
This has been hard.

Busyness is such a distraction, and we have been flooded with it.  We have heard His whisper to “choose what is best, choose that which has eternal value.”
We have not passed with flying colors, but we are learning and so desire to reflect the heart of The Father in ALL things.

He has been so gracious with us… so kind, so loving. IMG_8278

Please pray as Holy Spirit leads:

For courage

For discernment

For hope against hope

For attentiveness

For holistic support

For united hearts and vision

For the deep sadness in our hearts as we prepare to say “goodbye”

That we would remain servants in the midst of the chaos

That change of address would go smoothly… this will be especially hard for Elliott.  He has such a tender heart.














Please pray that the eyes of our heart would be steadfast.

Thank you for walking with us!

We need and desire you.