Trust Fund!!!

Yes, you read that correctly!

Trust Fund!



(These are the two banks in town.)

Have you ever heard the expression, “Trust Fund Baby.”  It’s referring to someone who has been endowed with a large sum or property or income.

Well, I am a “Trust Fund Baby” now.  No, I don’t have mountains of money in an interest-bearing account somewhere out there.  When I say that I have a “Trust Fund,” I mean that all of the money used to support my family and this ministry comes from 100% trust that someone will fund it.  Ha!  Maybe it’s not the same kind of “trust fund,” but the language works for it!

We are trusting for continued support.  Let me stress that Kelly and I are overwhelmed with gratitude for the way our friends and loved ones have supported us.  Truly, we have been absolutely blown away.  It is so humbling to be receiving this generosity.  I’m not enough of a wordsmith to communicate the depth of our gratitude.  We love you, and we appreciate you more than I can say.  I truly know how Paul felt when he was talking about the deep affection he had for the church at Philippi.  He said, “since I have you in my heart.”  Truly, we have YOU in our hearts.  Thank you.

I know that I have many growth areas.  The Lord is tenderly revealing those.  However, I can say with great confidence that we have been stewarding all funds and resources with great care, diligence and intentionality.  All that has been entrusted to us is being stewarded with the utmost honor.

We do have much to celebrate.  The Lord is providing such precious relationships.


These new friends came to our home simply to offer prayer, encouragement, hope and love.  That was truly their only agenda!  They are very powerful for the Kingdom.


He is opening the door for future opportunities.  We are curious and expectant about how these might pan out.  Multiple churches and ministries are inviting us to unite forces to advance the Kingdom.  Please pray for wisdom and clarity.  We have been so blessed to see a remnant of people with a deep, passionate love for the Lord.


Hearts are being opened to us.  The beautiful tears that have been shed at my table have felt like sacred treasures.  It is major breakthrough that our friends are inviting us into the deepest aches / burdens of their hearts.  The culture here is to say, “Life’s good!” with a smile regardless of the depth of pain consuming within one’s soul.  These tears of authenticity and desperation were far more valuable than anything monetary.  Being able to speak life, hope and love into our friends feels like such a gift to us.

If you are interested and able, we would cherish your prayers and financial support.  December is a key month for us in fundraising.  We would be extremely grateful if you would consider either being a monthly supporter or providing us with a one-time gift.  We are walking in great trust.  Your support and love have meant more to us than we could possibly express.



One final thought… if you do not feel currently led to support our family, we totally understand, but we would love for you to pray about helping our little pal, Fabrecio, attend school next year.  Typically this is a season of sponsoring children in need.  I can think of no greater child than Fabricio.