Last week we were blessed to have an amazing group from Two Rivers Church Chattanooga.
They excel in love, and we among many were lavished beyond measure.

I was reminded once again of the incredible power of vulnerability, humility, love, friendship and kindness. 

I literally watched hearts receive deep encouragement and freedom as one person simply offered the genuine, authentic, humble gift of their heart…

over and over again.

This team advanced the Kingdom in powerful ways…

We were blessed to be able to support local pastors (from 4 different churches) and local schools.

Personally, I’m not a fan of painting, but somehow when we’re doing it together with people that we love…

Well, it becomes fun!

My friends from Chattanooga, literally, used their vacation time from work (or time without pay) to come here.
They saved… they sacrificed… they shared…
So that they could offer hope and joy…

So that they could serve.

With the hope of simply offering acts of kindness…
The truth about the faithfulness of Jesus.



Smiles and laughter.

Reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously.

Instead, choose to focus on what matters most.

My heart was blessed by the privilege to be able to serve “together.”
There’s power in “together,” but there’s also the gift of hearts being knit together.
I remain in awe of how beautiful and impacting it was to see a diverse group of people unite for a common cause…
But also… it’s just incredibly fun!!!

Our continued thanks to all who continue to support us…
You may not be able to come with a team… but you are making Kingdom advancements possible.

Blessings, love and sincere gratitude,

The Backward Missionaries