Who We Are

We are a family of six living in Samara, Costa Rica. We sold or give away almost all of our belongings to follow the Lord’s loving invitation to become full-time missionaries. We are here to learn and to serve.

We both grew up in Knoxville, but the Lord’s graciously allowed us to work in churches in Tennessee, Florida and Ohio. We have four kids: Amelia, Eloisa, Eli, and Charli.


Emmiline (Lu), age 15
Loves: riding her bicycle everywhere, independence, art, Instagram


 Eloise (Shorty), age 13
Loves: writing, self-defense (punching and kicking), food in large quantities


Elliott (Bud), age 9
Loves: Legos, soccer, art and his pals


Charli (Charles), age 7
Loves: Princesses, snuggles, playdates with friends, her stuffed monkey, and talking

We are the Hopefuls. The Hungry. The Passionate. The Tired. The Fully Alive. The Relentless. The Pioneers. The Learners. The Sowers.