you must be crazy…

You must be crazy if you are reading this with Christmas rapidly approaching…

No doubt this has been and will continue to be our wackiest of holidays…
But, already the richest.

I am learning to live what I wanted to put into practice back in the states…
Keeping the main thing center stage.
IMG_2320Worship, adoration, thanksgiving and togetherness.

We have been super blessed to serve more than ever this holiday season.
IMG_2355All the kids have had their own desires regarding being agents of blessings.
IMG_2356It has been important to partner with them as they fulfill their own missions.
They have loved going through town…
IMG_2357Surprising and offering small tokens of love.
IMG_2358They are experiencing joy in its purest form.
IMG_2359It is a taste of The Kingdom.

On Christmas Day… (which is the 24th here)
Most families have little to no presents…
Some have little to no food…
Almost everyone goes to work like any other day.
All the things I have felt so entitled to regarding Christmas are impossibilities for almost everyone here.

All of our hearts are being reformatted.
Especially as those who have very little…
Freely give away that which they have received.
IMG_2318I have never been so humbled in all my days as I have this season.
Especially as I watch my children grow in their desire to give.

And in return we all take in the gift given back to us… untainted gratitude.
There is a purity in this kind of thankfulness.
Thankfulness that communicates …
Everything I receive… I hold close to my heart.

It’s an unmatched posture of eucharisteo.

When my heart takes this in, I am reminded…
All I want to do is give my life away.
I want to run the race set before me with the greatest endurance…IMG_2363Because of the joy set before me…
The joy I keep close to my chest.

Lastly, one of the sweetest gifts I have received this year… apart from sharing and giving…
Is the simple fact that this Christmas my kids have been preciously counting down the days until Navidad, and throughout this entire season not one of them has asked for a single present… not a thing.
It is my greatest prayer that we will continue to learn what it looks like to live generously.
It is the Christmas message…
One giving away all… all for love’s sake.

Feliz Navidad from our family to yours!
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We love you…
FullSizeRender (21)
and remain ever thankful!!!
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With joy,
From Kelly on behalf of all The Backward Missionaries